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We provide transformational personal development & self empowerment experiences for kick-ass and kind humans.

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As Misfit seekers, healers, investigators, and visionary leaders it is our mission to provide products, tools, resources, and experiences that educate, inspire, and motivate the ‘Misfits’ of the world to become self actualised.

Our vision is a world where the 'misfits' feel so good about being 100% themselves that they stand up to be counted, take appropriate action, and share their superpowers for the good of all and global expansion. 

Our company vision is to provide a platform and community that enables 100,000 misfits to create profitable, sustainable and fun, world changing purposeful businesses and lives.

Happy, proud, satisfied and fulfilled Misfits become the powerful innovators and change-makers the world is waiting for.

We endeavour to create a culture of community over competition, participation over perfection and courage over expectation so that we are all able to contribute to the creation of a better world, one of true belonging and real freedom.


Instead of feeling confident and clear so many Misfits find themselves feeling unsure, confused and overwhelmed. Instead of sharing their gifts and superpowers with the world they have learnt that it is not safe to be BIG and BOLD and POWERFUL.

We have learnt that sharing our hearts can lead to feeling misunderstood, unvalued and at times invisible.

Misfits feel the world deeply, but instead of knowing how to alchemise the energies of others or stand firm in their individuation they sometimes find themselves merging or blending leading to codependent relationships or over-giving to the point of burn out.

Every journey starts with an act of courage..

‘Misfit’ began its life in 2012 when Ebonie Allard started writing her book ‘Misfit to Maven’ which was published in 2015.

After certifying as a personal performance coach with The Coaching Academy and creating what is now The Misfit to Maven Way and the Value Filter System, she found her way to helping people who like her had become burnt out, overwhelmed, busy, and bored.


Since then her voice, her presence and her joy has reached and inspired tens of thousands of Misfits all over the world.

Curiosity opens doors

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Ebonie Allard

Before I was seven years old I had lived in a house truck, on a commune, in France, in New Zealand, in Ireland, and several homes in England. I had been bathed in a sink, and had a pet goose called Lucy. I think it’s fair to say that my parents gifted me with a curiosity for the world. I learned that being open and curious was the road to everything that’s good about being human.

“It’s only when we close ourselves off that life stops being magical. I understand, embrace, and CHERISH the unconventional. The curious. The extraordinary. We’re not meant to be like anyone else and our differences are to be celebrated.”

I had an unusual childhood, with exposure to so many things that are now widely accepted with merit that then were weird and unheard of. I had access to spirituality, philosophy, healing modalities, esoteric tools and all elders who ‘got it’ - and all I wanted was normal.

My first career was as a Freelance TV & Film Production Buyer, Stylist, and Project / Event Manager. I worked hard and played harder. I suffered from burnout at the end of every job. My life was a roller coaster of working til I collapsed and then ‘retreating’ around the world.

I worked hard for my career and had got what I thought I wanted; money, status, some creativity and abject freedom; but it wasn’t enough…. So I opted to be courageous and try something different.

Out of the frying pan and into the fire

In the midst of the impending recession in 2009 I set up My Girl Friday Ltd, providing Freelance Personal and Virtual Assistance to Creative Businesses & Private Individuals in the UK and across the globe. The recession, my pride and a series of unfortunate events meant that I was homeless and sofa surfing. I was massively in debt and knew nothing about running a business. Which meant I had nothing to lose and I gave it everything I had. 

 By December 2011 from the outside my business looked great. Through pure grit, determination and hustle I had survived the toughest part of the recession. I had followed ‘the rules’ about how I thought business was supposed to be. The Company grew, our reputation and reach extended, we had invites to amazing events, and were being nominated for awards.

But, on the inside I felt stuck and lost. I wasn’t delegating, I was pushing people away and being led by my wounds and the voices that told me ‘I have to do this all by myself” and “everything is on me.” 

I was avoiding my truth and everything felt hard. I was not having fun!

I was working round the clock, but we were not making enough profit, I was not running my business, my business was running me!

I felt trapped, and overwhelmed. I doubted everything, I numbed my feelings with food, drugs, sex and alcohol. I felt no real pleasure and no real pain, I felt disconnected from my clients, from my business, partners and from my purpose.

On the outside, the smile masked what was really going on. My body urged me to listen but I wouldn’t. 

No matter what the experts tell you, or think that they know - listening to yourself and your body is a non-negotiable part of the Misfit to Maven way.

I contemplated suicide. 

I chose to live. 

In November 2011 I moved to Bali, surrounded myself in colour and femininity and made it my mission to figure out who the fuck I really was AND learn to like what I found or make changes until I did. 

 I decided to learn from all the crazy adventures I had been on, all the books I had read, all the people I had met, all the businesses I had worked with. I raked through all the notes I had from retreats and workshops, and therapy and courses; all the journals I kept, all the money I lost, all the diets and pills, the pains, the patterns – everything! 

I drew out all the lies and all the truths and worked out what they were really saying. This is what now makes up The Misfit to Maven Way.

There is work to do but it gets to be an adventure of discovery.

I spent three years adjusting. Adapting and creating Ebonie 2.0. I won’t lie to you, it was an emotional and sometimes painful journey. There were lonely times. Sad times. Angry times. I had to let go of a lot of who I was. But there was also a lot of acceptance and joy.

Now I’m on Ebonie 4.0 - I’m continually evolving and growing and I want you to know that you get to upgrade and up-level too.

In 2017 I nearly burnt it all to the ground. This time because I wanted MORE FREEDOM and didn’t know how to make the transition from where I was, to whatever was next. It felt too big. I knew I wanted to create and live in community, but didn’t want to relinquish control. 

Instead of taking the seemingly easier path, running from myself again and walking away from everything I had built, I realised that I could invite people in and share the responsibility and the rewards with other people.

Worth the investment

Letting people in wasn’t easy for me, but fast forward to today, and everything has changed. These days I am inspired, full of creativity and imagination. I am grounded, strong and yet light and playful in my body. 

I live in a way that inspires and empowers me and others. I have time and space in my life to feel creative and indulge in my passions and hobbies. I hear the laughter of my friends and Soul family. I know that the people around me are interested in what I do, and I share my experience and my ideas openly.

I dance, lift weights, swim in our pool, have my photo taken, eat in a well balanced way – for my health, for my pleasure; without any ‘rules’ for the first time in my life. 

I feel seen, heard, empowered and encouraged.

I ask for support when I need it and listen to my body wisdom; sleep, eat and exercise when I know I need and want to. I listen to others and share my world. I feel connected, I know I am enough, not too much and my worth is not determined by anyone else but me! 

My brain is stimulated daily and I have all the clarity and resources I need. I continue to invest heavily in my personal growth. I feel comfortable in my own skin. I feel all my feelings without suffering them or judging. I am able to really experience pleasure, and my experiences of discomfort show up as lessons and feedback.

I have the money I need and want in order to have the home, possessions, freedoms and experiences I desire and give back in a way that feels good..

Greater than the sum of its parts.

For years I struggled with the belief that I had to do it all myself. The responsibility of ‘saving the world’ felt like it was on my shoulders. Then one day after years of coaching, training, reflection, healing and growth I decided to change the paradigm and allow it to be ease-y.

So, Misfit For Life is no longer just me and you get to shortcut that journey and create a life of freedom AND belonging, now!

Together we are greater. None of us are in this alone. You might be a Misfit, but you don’t have to be lonely. You get to be unique and you get to challenge the status quo, all while being cherished, adored, respected, honoured, seen, heard and understood.

In June 2021 I decided that I needed to step back from running a business and a community and give myself a chance to 'just' be for a while. Right now I desire to go with the flow and not be responsible to anyone. I still coach inside M2M365 and I still take on the occasional 1:1 client. You can find out more about my current projects by going HERE  My legacy, my heart, my presence is embedded into everything inside of Misfit for Life for you to engage with and make your own.

At Misfit for Life all of you is welcome.

By joining our community you will find inner and outer freedom, no matter your background, experience, gender, race or preferences.

Exploring Masculine and Feminine energies, yin / yang, omega / alpha, neurodiversity, identity, boundaries, communication and full self expression have become the themes of the work inside Misfit for Life, because they have been the themes of our lives.

You get to become someone you are proud of, you get to be all of who you are and have that celebrated.

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