“What am I doing with my life?”

As a creative, or heart-led business owner you might think that you have already figured out your purpose. You might feel like you know what you are doing with your life, but if you’re lying awake at night thinking….

“How do I live out my purpose in a way that helps others, allows me to make good money and gives me plenty of quality time to spend with my family?”

Then you still have some work to do.

AND, you’re not alone.

It’s the dream right?

Do the thing that you love, that you’re good at, help people, make money, have plenty of time off = perfection!

It sounds a bit like ‘having it all’ so, is it too good to be true? How many of us actually believe that we can ‘have it all’?

For my clients and I this is the dream - this is freedom: being ourselves, helping others, making good money, (which makes it all easier), and allowing quality time to be a priority.

If you crave this, but find yourself designing your business & life around what you think will make other people happy; you’re not really free.

If you crave this, but find yourself pushing and striving, instead of flowing and thriving - you’re not really free.

It’s impossible to be truly happy, feel fulfilled and satisfied if every night instead of feeling content and proud with how you spent the last 24 hours, you’re wondering:

“Am I wasting my time?”

“Did I do enough?”

“Am I doing it right?”

“Should I be working harder?”

When you first made the leap and decision to work for yourself, to follow your passion and purpose I’m betting you spent some time imagining how your life would look, and then set off at working towards that vision. Then somewhere along the way, one of two things happened.

1. You rebelled the rules

You declared, “NO STRUCTURE” for me, “I’m just going to do whatever I want, whenever I want to.” You focused on feeling good. You meditated. You studied Kundalini. You nailed your nutrition and you kept really hydrated. You created whatever felt good in the moment, which maximised your vibration, brought clients to you, and worked for a while.

But also left you swapping money for time, feeling unclear about what to work on next, how you might even begin to scale, what to outsource and to who, and now whilst you might well have reached 6 figures, its all peaks and troughs, feast and famine with no consistency and you have no real strategy. Or...

2. You got clear on exactly what you do, for who, and how.

You did B school, you know your client avatar, and you know your marketing pillars. You worked with a mentor who gave you strategy. You went all in. You created structure. You worked your ass off. You created offer after offer. You made money. You got addicted to the feeling. You increased your prices. You invested in higher end branding, and got an assistant, and then the pressure built. You found yourself hustling. Which worked for a while.

But also left you tired and realising that instead of you running your business it’s running you. It’s all launch, hustle, plan, with nowhere near enough spontaneity and you’re not really having FUN!

While the details might vary, right now you’re either working all the time, wishing you could take some time out without everything falling apart, or you’re planning and developing, and creating another new idea but haven’t really got any traction with any of the ideas you’ve already had.

“So, what should you do with your life?”

The answer is to come back to the basics, with a beginners mind.

Get clear on what you really want.

Write out your definition of success; without it there is no benchmark, there is no way of knowing if ‘you’re doing it right’. You have to know where you are going in order to navigate your way there.

Understand your values.

What measures are you using to determine whether your life is as you want it to be? If you have done your value filter work with me, then tap into that. What gets to happen in order for you to be living more fully in your value filter?

If you haven’t got your Value Filter, or if you’ve done the exercise from my book, or workbook on it, but would like to dive in deeper, and understand exactly how to use it for greater success – take a look at the Value Filter™ Masterclass.

Adjust your ratios.

The key is going to be in either adding in more structure, OR adding in more super-flow. The balance of masculine and feminine, sun and moon, warrior and healer, yang and yin is everything. The thing that will unlock your freedom, is knowing yourself and your patterns. Knowing your cycles and required ratios.

There is no such thing as balance, not really – but there are right ratios. We must have a container, a structure to hold our juicy creative flow. Yet a structure or container without the swirls of the unknown is just empty and unfulfilled.

Keep checking in.

There is no done.

Checking in with your vision, observing who you are becoming, noticing what your day-to-day looks and feels like, is an on-going part of your growth and development.

Getting clear on where you are, where you want to be, and removing the resistance that blocks it from playing out effortlessly is an never ending endeavour.

That doesn’t mean that it has to be a chore, it gets to be FUN!

It gets to be an exploration of “and now what?” and “and now what?” that continually evolves as you do.

“What should you do with your life?”
“What are you doing with your life?”

Well that's up to you, but you won’t know if you don’t investigate, and listen to yourself.
You won’t know if you are looking to others to give you the answer. No one can give you YOUR answers but you.

That said, working with a coach can help you get to know yourself quicker and deeper. Working with a coach who recognises human patterning and structure and can help you put the exact right frameworks in place for you, will catalyse your progress AND make it way less frustrating, and way more FUN!

M2M365 is a place where you can come and do the work in a supportive environment, in a space that models the ratios of structure and flow.

PLUS if you really want to turn up the heat and accelerate your desired outcomes, I currently have capacity to work with four more awesome humans!

Stay Wild, Stay True, Always be YOU!


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