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Learn all about shutter speed, aperture, and ISO.

Flash Photography

Learn how to use flash to get trendy high-contrast photos.

35mm Film

Learn how to get crisp images using cameras from the 60s.

Feel It to Heal It

Learn To Trust Your Body & Harness its Inherent Super-Powers


Misfit for Life’s 6 week video training for ‘everyday embodiment’ that you can enjoy at your own pace, in your own home and keep for a lifetime!

*including head, heart & gut brain congruence plus an advanced bonus section on women's cycles, sex magick & pelvic brain wisdom

Do you find yourself living primarily from your head?
Do you want to be more ‘in your body’?
More present?
More connected?
More body confident?
More resilient?

For most of us, our connection to Source, to power, to our true wisdom has been distorted, discounted, disconnected, and discarded; leaving us operating solely from our heads.

If this is you, you’ll be only too familiar with the effects:

  • The constantly low level buzz of anxiety and seemingly ever present problems without obvious solutions.
  • The sense of deep aching loneliness even though you’re surrounded by others.
  • The nervous squelching ache in your stomach and the knot-like lump that rises in your throat when you’re faced with important decisions, that you want to get right.

The answers to all this and so much more are in your body.

Awaken Your Wisdom

Imagine if you could alchemise your anxiety into excitement within moments.

What if the key to connecting with others lay in the sensations of your heart rather than the sharpness of your intellect?

What if you had a system for connecting with certainty which meant decisions took just seconds to make?

Imagine saying “yes” to pleasure, passion, freedom and full authentic expression with your entire body!

Get out of your head and into your Embodied Wisdom over 4 weeks with us, as we guide you on your personal quest to reconnect with yourself, with your body and with the infinite knowledge within.

You will learn to tap back into your heart, into your gut, and into your wider body, to access the truest form of guidance you have; feeling.

You’ll connect with the confidence, safety and strength that you always have available.

You’ll reignite the fire of passion in your life, even if right now, it feels far away.

I'm Ready to Ignite

Do you want to:

  • Learn to be fully present in your innate, ancient power source?
  • Learn to interpret the language your body speaks to you daily?
  • Learn everything about your body that you never knew you needed to know?
  • Access deep intimacy and connection with yourself, and with every person you interact with?

You’ll get the tools needed to live an effortless and enjoyable full-bodied life of Soul truth.

You’ll settle the life long war you waged with your body when you didn’t understand each other, and end the mean and harmful narrative you’ve inflicted on yourself for years.

By joining us on this journey, you get to lean into the most beautiful, unconditional friendship with your physical self and in turn, see your relationship with the entire physical world transform.

After 6 weeks, you can expect to:

  • Experience a deeper connection to and understanding of what your body needs
  • Understand why and how your body communicates with you
  • The tools and techniques to interpret your body’s language
  • Learn how to trust yourself, and enter flow and surrender for more ease in navigating the path to your dreams
  • Learn to interpret what is yours and what is other peoples by feeling into your truth
  • Instantly access feelings of safety and security any time
  • Learn how to be truly present whether solo or with others
  • Overcome social anxiety and access the deep strength available to you from within
  • Become decisive, and trust in your decisions and commitments at a cellular/soul level
  • Be in unshakeable confidence of your purpose and destiny
  • You will fall back in love with your body, and become best friends with it
I'm Ready!

For too long, you’ve accepted anxiety, worry and fear as simply part of modern life. They’re not. Your physical experience shouldn't come with a painful price.


Your body is your access point to sheer joy, ease, ecstasy and inspiration.


The key is connecting with your body, and letting it share these pleasures with you through ‘Embodied Wisdom.’

How does it work? What do you get?

Starting 24th September 2020 you’ll get access to a core training and specialised trainings each week. You’ll be given access to the training for life and the extra work that go with them.

Over six weeks each training builds on the next and through the journaling work, challenges and tasks you'll find your inherent Embodied Wisdom.

You get to keep the recordings for life so you can watch again and again, in your own time or whenever you need to connect back in with your inherent wisdom and truth.

You'll get access to an Embodied Wisdom WhatsApp group to share your journey, experiences, and wins.

2 live sharing circles for this LIVE round of Embodied Wisdom, to be witnessed, and coached through your embodiment journey.

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I'm Ready!