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Dylan Smith


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In this conversational style masterclass you're going to learn the basics of the law of polarity, the different gender energies and how to recognise, distill, purify, process, purge, heal, replenish and fortify these dual energies so that you can become a more refined version of your unique magical self and have better relationships.

Every single one of us has masculine and feminine energies, and we get to learn how to be with and utilize their duality both inside of ourselves and with each other.

You'll learn how to recognise and identify the different energies manifested from wound / challenge and from health / strength.

You'll leave with a keen respect for the complete range of energies available to us and a desire to cherish, embody and express that range.

This masterclass is for you if the more traditional ‘men are from mars, women are from venus’ attitudes don’t work for you and you are open to understanding these polarising energies from a less binary position.

Hosted by Craig Barlow, Ebonie Allard, and Jonathan Beal you’ll get a range of perspectives and a range of insights on this ‘hot topic’ plus a couple of different next steps for those who want to dive in deeper or take this work further.

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Craig Barlow - Aka The Naked Mountain Man.

Craig spent his formative years (16-30) serving in the Royal Navy. He is by his own admission a sweary, sarcastic ex sailor.

After leaving he felt completely lost. His lack of identity, emotional disconnection, low self worth and lack of purpose had him feeling complacent and unfulfilled with life.

Craig went on a journey that had him reactivate his raw and wild self and discover the power of healthy harnessed masculinity.  He is fascinated by what makes humans tick, what makes us feel alive and how to create sexual polarity.

He has made it his mission to help men and women with their internal game. His understanding of gender dynamics and his 'no BS, simple language' way of communicating it means that he makes this work accessible and relevant to everyone.

Ebonie Allard - Aka The Priestess of Alchemy.

Ebonie has never had a proper job in her life.

Growing up in the 'alternative health,' personal growth, and self actualisation world she rebelled by wanting to be 'normal' and unconsciously found that in order to be successful she was emulating masculinity and hiding her more vulnerable, naive self.

Learning how to de-armour, re-wild, become more 'feminine' and activate her softer (yet magnetic) parts, often felt unfair and archaic.

The traditional principles of 'divine masculine' and 'divine feminine' often left her feeling disempowered and like she had to 'give her power away'.

She has made it her mission to help people understand that gender dynamics is not about sex or gender or even power. Instead it's about energy, wholeness, freedom and preference, and is the key to unlocking your 'uninhibited true self.'


Jonathan Beal - Aka The Embodied man.

Growing up without a healthy male role model, and living in an environment that taught him to mistrust the masculine and his sexuality has given Jonathan a unique perspective on gender dynamics.

In learning to find his place in the world, and become a man he is proud of, he went on a journey of embodiment and exploring his sexual identity.

He has made it his mission to help us all be less afraid of our femininity and use the power of gender dynamics to become more empowered, more embodied and more authentically self expressed.

He has made it his mission to help all humans regardless of how they identify to understand that there is a way to use the principles of  'gender dynamics' that is not binary and allows all humans to heal their wounded polarity.



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