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At Misfit For Life it's a team effort. Together we are greater than the sum of our parts.

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Dylan Smith


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"I'm Ebonie Allard - Founder of Misfit for Life and Head Coach. I'm a Certified & award winning Master Coach. I am the creator of the 'Misfit to Maven Way' and the 'Value Filter™' system. 

I'm a Misfit turned Maven. An Adventurer of life. An Author. An Artist. A Priestess. A Sister. A Friend...

As a teacher, healer and master coach I am passionate about facilitating you in self actualisation.

I specialise in creating the conditions in which you trust yourself and listen to the inherent wisdom you have within.

I help creative heart-led misfits like you to simplify their lives, and eliminate guilt, shame and fear; allowing you to live your greatest potential and be bolder, freer and happier now!

I know that you crave work that's fulfilling, connected intimate relationships, and time to explore, indulge and express your creativity and authentic expression. 

It is my mission to help you live a fully rounded three dimensional, successful and self governed life. 

At my core I believe that it is your responsibility to shine, to bring your gifts to the world, and to encourage others to do the same.

"I'm Jonathan Beal - COO of Misfit for Life and Lead Coach. I'm a Certified NLP and Embodiment Coach. I create containers that allow people to trust themselves and each other.

 I'm a Misfit, Maven and Embodied Man. A King. A Warrior. A Lover and a Magician. 

As a Mentor, Coach and Content Creator I am passionate about celebrating and healing the feminine in all humans and I specialise in creating containers which enable the mature, grounded and embodied masculine to rise.

I help geeky, courageous misfits like you to take ownership of your identity, set boundaries, and communicate compassionately so that you can be wilder, freer and feel like you belong now!

I know that you crave to be seen, heard and understood. I know that you crave purpose and passion in all areas of your life. 

I believe that you can live a purpose-driven life, a life in complete alignment with who you are.

My mission is to help misfits find their purpose, take control of their life, and help them be seen for who they really are.

Meet The M2M Coaches

Gerlinde Halmer

"I’m the founder of Sparkle with Lindy. I am a graphic designer, a yoga teacher and a cat lover.

I'm an M2M coach because ever since my VIP day with Ebonie in 2018 I experienced more freedom and I want that for others."

She helps our community find creative solutions through body, mind and soul practices so that they get to embody their vision.

Her passions are creativity, yoga, meditation, design, movement, food, health, routines, rituals, holding space, letting go, and helping people to find their path and their unique journey.

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Lizzy Fone

"I'm the Founder of Tax Angel; a UK Accounting firm. I coach small business owners with big vision through their perceived upper limits. I love finding simple structures which will allow for financial flow and growth. I'm an M2M coach because doing this work has allowed me to be an accountant AND a Shamanic healer. "

She brings together shamanic heart- centred healing, magic and financial wizardry and helps our community find simplicity in chaos.

Her areas of expertise are: Holding space. Ritual. Healing. Grief, Death and Rebirth. Creativity. Inspiration, Flow. Female shamanism. Nature. (and) Financial growth coaching.

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Gail Bainbridge

"I'm a Chartered Accountant turned Money Mentor - I help creative business owners free themselves from money worries by getting clear on what really matters to them and showing them that managing money can be simple, stress-free, and align with their values. I'm an M2M coach because this work changed my life in all the best ways."

She helps our community find freedom by recognising and communicating their needs in an empowered way. 

Her specialities are: Values. Recognising and communicating needs. Communication. The emotional stuff that comes with money. Practical & simple money management.

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Our Support Team

Janet Hill

"I’m the person you'll be speaking to if you want to collaborate with any of the Misfit for Life family. I'm a marketer, a writer and long-time advocate of Value Filtered Living.  I'm passionate about helping innovative, talented artistic and rural businesses grow and be seen."

Janet brings the length and breadth of her experience of Marketing, PR and writing to our community.

Janet is the main point of contact for all press, speaking, content creation or collaboration enquiries that you might have or if you would like to feature any of the team in your content or publication.

Mandy Bussell

"I'm the person you'll be speaking to if you have an enquiry or a question about any of the behind the scenes or inner workings at Misfit for Life."

Mandy brings organisational clarity, simplicity and her bubbly self to our community. She helps our community take back control of their business(es) and lives by implementing the Misfit to Maven way alongside clear a structural format.

Mandy is the cheerful voice on the end of your welcome emails who is always happy to hear from all of our Misfit Family and is here to support you in any way she can.

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