Navigating Uncomfortable Conversations for Greater Connection

Dylan Smith


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So many of us are conflict averse. Some of us find it scary or overwhelming. Some believe that finding ourselves in disagreement means we did something wrong.

Most of us will self abandon or bend over backwards to people please rather than share our truth if it means having an uncomfortable conversation.

This masterclass will show you how having uncomfortable conversations can actually lead to deeper connection and richer relationships.

You’ll learn why uncomfortable conversations are so hard, and you’ll leave with tools and techniques that will allow you to go from reactionary or dissociative to respons-able and in connection.

In this 60 minute masterclass hosted by our own Misfit coach and master facilitator Jonathan Beal you’ll learn:

  • How to know when you need to have an uncomfortable conversation
  • How to create healthy containers for authentic and compassionate expression in all relationships
  • How to communicate boundaries and how to deal with defensiveness.
  • How to build these containers into your life now, preemptively to avoid future blow-ups
  • About what drives and triggers masculine and feminine energy; allowing you to create truly safe spaces for yourself and your conversation partner(s) to feel seen, heard and understood.
  • About ownership, and what's needed for all involved so that you’re not leaking blame and shame over everyone in the room

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Jonathan Beal

"I'm Jonathan Beal - Co-Founder of Misfit for Life and Lead Coach. I'm a Certified NLP and Embodiment Coach. I create containers that allow people to trust themselves and each other.

 I'm a Misfit, Maven and Embodied Man. A King. A Warrior. A Lover and a Magician. 

As a Mentor, Coach and Content Creator I am passionate about celebrating and healing the feminine in all humans and I specialise in creating containers which enable the mature, grounded and embodied masculine to rise.

I help geeky, courageous misfits like you to take ownership of your identity, set boundaries, and communicate compassionately so that you can be wilder, freer and feel like you belong now!

I know that you crave to be seen, heard and understood. I know that you crave purpose and passion in all areas of your life. 

I believe that you can live a purpose-driven life, a life in complete alignment with who you are.

My mission is to help misfits find their purpose, take control of their life, and help them be seen for who they really are.

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