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Have you ever found that you are in complete disconnect from yourself, a partner or friend? Have you ever found yourself wishing you were able to understand the messy gamut of human emotion better?

So many of us find identifying our feelings and our needs challenging, let alone trying to communicate them effectively.

We want to be in connection and we want to communicate better, but our emotions seem to have a hold over us that is all-consuming.

it's difficult to communicate our needs if we aren't even clear on them for ourselves.

This masterclass will show you how our feelings act as an indicator to let us know that we have either a met or unmet need.

You’ll learn why it's so hard to identify your needs and the needs of others, and you’ll leave with tools and techniques that will allow you to get your needs met in a healthy and sustainable way.

In this 60 minute masterclass hosted by Misfit coach & Mindset Mentor Gail Bainbridge you’ll learn:

  • How to know when you have an unmet need
  • How to identify what a specific feeling or need is
  • How to communicate your needs or feelings well
  • How to create an environment of empathy, vulnerability and openness.
  • The difference between a request and a demand (in terms of getting your needs met)
  • How to help your partner, family members or children identify their needs and feelings to foster higher levels of emotional intelligence.

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Gail Bainbridge

"I'm a Chartered Accountant turned Money Mentor - I help creative business owners free themselves from money worries by getting clear on what really matters to them and showing them that managing money can be simple, stress-free, and align with their values. I'm an M2M coach because this work changed my life in all the best ways."

She helps our community find freedom by recognising and communicating their needs in an empowered way. 

Her specialities are: Values. Recognising and communicating needs. Communication. The emotional stuff that comes with money. Practical & simple money management.

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