Ritual as a Supercharged   Self-Care Tool

Dylan Smith


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So many of us are stressed. We start our days feeling overwhelmed, behind and on the back foot.

Maybe you believe that you have no time.

Maybe you believe that time dedicated just for you or time for self-care is a luxury that you can’t afford.

Maybe you’re not a bubble bath or a spa kinda person and you’re not sure what or how to ‘self-care’ in a way that will make any real difference.

If this is you, this masterclass will show you how ritual affects your polyvagal system. You’ll learn the powerful benefits to ritual, the why what, and wherefores that’ll allow you to feel safe, cared for, calm and contented more often and lead to you having more time, more energy and a better mindset - all in under 20 mins a day.

You’ll learn why ritual is important. Why it is, in fact, more powerful and potent than you ever realised. You’ll leave with tools and techniques that will allow you to go from stressed out and overwhelmed to calm, serene and dare I say even a little smug!


In this 60 minute masterclass hosted by Misfit coach, Shamanic Healer and Tax Accountant Lizzy Fone you’ll learn:

  • What ritual is, and how it can be used to reconnect and stay connected with the universe.
  • Why humans use ritual in order to supercharge, make and maintain connection.
  • The esoteric and the mundane. We’ll talk about everything; from Ayahuasca to laying a table.
  • How using ritual brings meaning, joy and connection on a deeper level to both you and the universe.
  • How using ritual leads to belonging.
  • How ritual can assist with personal growth, enlightenment and pursuit of goals.

You’ll get practical help with how to personalise and curate a ritual experience for yourself which has personalised meaning and purpose.

You’ll leave the masterclass feeling inspired to create and explore ritual as a tool even if right now it doesn’t feel like you have more than moments in your life in which you can use ritual to deepen your experience and connection.


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Lizzy Fone

"I'm the Founder of Tax Angel; a UK Accounting firm. I coach small business owners with big vision through their perceived upper limits. I love finding simple structures which will allow for financial flow and growth. I'm an M2M coach because doing this work has allowed me to be an accountant AND a Shamanic healer. "

She brings together shamanic heart- centred healing, magic and financial wizardry and helps our community find simplicity in chaos.

Her areas of expertise are: Holding space. Ritual. Healing. Grief, Death and Rebirth. Creativity. Inspiration, Flow. Female shamanism. Nature. (and) Financial growth coaching.

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