The Chamber

Where Magic turns to Matter


Many heads (and hearts) make light work.


The 9 month round table mastermind for Misfit Leaders

You are invited to take your place at the table.

One round table.

One Chamber of secrecy & discretion.

One ‘war room’ where mystery meets strategy.

18 seats. 18 Hearts. 18 Brains. 18 Gutsy Sovereign Souls.

One year of being magically supported.

Together we will serve on each other's board & sit in council 

18 sets of listening ears & objective eyes working for you & your community.


Imagine, having your Soul Family,

Working with you on your Soul Mission

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Right now your world feels full. Your capacity feels limited and quite frankly you’re not having enough fun.

While others lost work and their schedules emptied as we first went into lockdown, your diary filled as people needed more of the kind of support you offer. 

You care deeply, and you want to help everyone but if you don’t do something different soon, you know you’re going to burn out and quite possibly quit completely.

Which you don’t want to do, because your work is important and you love it really.

But there isn’t enough time or space for you to enjoy yourself.

Your sense of duty tells you that more people need access to your magic, and you want them to have that without it being at your expense.

You’re open to making more of an impact and reaching more people but you fear that doing so involves losing the intimacy and personal magic of your unique style or giving more of yourself, and you won't do that, so you're stuck.

While you used to wake up every morning feeling connected to your purpose and proud of the difference you make in the world, right now you also feel a twinge of dread as your days are too full of other people and the weight of responsibility feels too heavy.

You dream of a simpler life where you had more time for family, playing with your loves, making art and taking long walks in the countryside or reading by the fire.

THE CHAMBER is the secret to unlocking a life where you get to make more money, have more sex, and live forever (well, leave a lasting legacy that lives forever.)

We are not meant to do life alone. We are meant to be in community. We have mirror neurons for a reason, we learn and adapt and grow by being in the company of others.

The rise of the lifestyle business is great for many reasons, you get to build a personal brand and you get to be yourself and share your gifts and make a living, from anywhere in the world, but at a certain point it gets lonely AF.

There are never less decisions to make and even though you are deeply connected to your divine purpose, you are also human and sometimes its HARD.

There is a reason that tribes had a council of elders and companies have board members.

There is a reason king Arthur had a round table.

There is a reason that ‘it takes a village’ to raise a child.

We are stronger and wiser together.

You are not meant to be all things to all people, you are meant to be more you and less them.

In order to thrive you need to specialise, hone in on your strengths and be MORE you...BUT you also need a broad range of perspectives and skills.

So, how do you do both?

Introducing THE CHAMBER


The Chamber is the place where you get to sit in counsel with others who are as wise, as committed and as ‘weird’ as you.

It's where you get to be ALL of yourself and by becoming more of yourself, you’ll also be able to have a greater impact and receive more. (Money, Love, Health, Time, Creativity. Sex - Whatever you want more of.)

The Chamber is where you’ll get help making the big decisions. You’ll get feedback and insight from the people you respect and who get you.

As you grow you need somewhere that you get to unravel and lean into the chaos and experiment and play without being judged.

You need somewhere that you get to be messy, and cry and shine and celebrate in a way that extends your ‘acceptable range.’

Right now you have a spectrum of ‘acceptable’ an amount of ‘you-ness’ that you share publicly, but in The Chamber, you get to practice being more of yourself, and you get to learn what you are and what you are not so that over nine months you become completely unfuckablewith.

In order to be confident, and free and completely and uniquely YOU, you need The Chamber so that you have a safe place, with the ‘right’ people in it to hear you, see you, support you and have your back as you grow.

You are different, you are on the leading edge, but it needn’t be lonely, you are not alone.

Without The Chamber, you are a CEO with a limited view of the world and a singular operating system.

With The Chamber, you have a 360 degree view and a multiplex of operating systems.

Without The Chamber, you could hire a COO, an MD, a FD, a strategist, a tech expert, a PR expert, a Priestess, a Magician, an Artist, a Peacemaker, a Motivator, a Thinker, an Analyst, a Logistician, a Debater, and a lion tamer….

BUT With The Chamber, you get access to a range of personality types, experiences, magic and insights and you get to step out of having to always be the King or the Queen or The Hero and sometimes get to just be ‘the every(wo)man’

Sometimes, you get to be messy and unsure and allow yourself to be held.

In fact, in so doing you increase your range and allow yourself to also be more sure and more in your power.

I have been self-employed my whole life but at a certain point, I plateaued because I could not find a way forward that didn’t mean betraying myself and my values.

Then, I sought out and invested in spaces and people who were kindred spirits, who had found a way of working together to achieve more without selling themselves out.

In the last 4 years, I have invested £120k in putting myself in rooms like THE CHAMBER full of people who are kickass and kind, who aren’t fooled by fake news and the fear-mongering being spewed by the crumbling patriarchy.

I’ve explored many business models and refused to be distracted by the shiny light that the ‘hustle harder’ brigade kept trying to sell me….I chose instead to allow myself to be cheerlead and championed by a select group of my peers and now I am offering you the opportunity to do so too.


The Chamber


10 month payment plan available

27 round table calls hosted by Ebonie  (Value: £14986)

  • 3 x a month
  • 90 mins each
  • 3 hotseats per call
  • 3 each per year
  • 1-2:30pm GMT
  • Hosted on zoom

18 coaching calls with your assigned coach  (Value: £1998)

  • Bi weekly
  • 30 min accountability calls

1 year access to M2M365 at Silver level (Value: £2000)

  • Access to the FB community
  • Access to The Fundamentals 
  • Access to The Deep Dive Vault
  • Access to The Cornerstones of Booming Business Archive
  • Access to community coaching calls 

Whatsapp access to Ebonie & Whatsapp community group  (Value £7992)

Total Value is £32,967

Yours for £12,000

Take Your Seat at the Table!
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This container opens just once a year and has limited spaces. This is your opportunity to join us ‘at the table.’

You get to reserve your space now and then head into the Christmas / New Year (hibernation) with the expansive knowledge that you have got all the support you need to navigate whatever 2021 throws at us.

This is an opportunity to receive support from me, and your own dedicated Misfit for Life Coach, plus the Misfit to Maven 365 community, not just for your business, but for your personal life, your family life, your health and your physical, intellectual, emotional and spiritual wellbeing, …. None of you is off limits and ALL of you will be supported.

For those of you who skim read, these are the highlights:

  • The experience and expertise of other like minded humans handpicked to support you
  • A safe place to put down all the hats you wear, take off your ‘public face; and and be fully human (with a wobble, a rant, and a sweary sailor mouth)
  • A supervision circle to get support from high level, fully invested peers
  • A confidential place where you don’t have to always use clean language and be your best self (because we all know who you really are 99% of the time.)
  • A space where the biggest version of you is held and celebrated, even when you can’t see or be that person so that you come home to your true self quicker. 
  • A place where you are reminded regularly that you are more than your role and where FUN and playfulness is actively encouraged
  • A place where your patterns are reflected back at you with a bucket load of love

Plus, if you join before 20th November you’ll get a £500 off coupon, a longer payment plan option and a free place at an exclusive, intimate in person retreat in Spain in July 2021.


Oooooh this sounds so GOOD, but…

By now you’re a veteran of self development and personal growth, you know that the main reason people don’t invest in themselves is that they don’t believe that ‘the dream life’ or the ‘transformation’ is possible for them...

Maybe you’re reading this page and nodding to all the possibilities, but deep down there is some core belief that says “Yeah yeah, time freedom, and the kind of reward & recognition I desire, without self sacrifice, or sell out is possible for THEM, but not for me...” 

BUT the truth is that TRUE FREEDOM (Internal and external) with a side scoop of REAL BELONGING while leaving a lasting legacy and making an impact IS AVAILABLE to anyone who decides that they are going to go all in on themselves, and it abso-fucking-lutely IS possible for you if you decide that it is.

The first step is CHOOSING TO BELIEVE that it could be possible for you and deciding that you trust me enough to know that I have no interest in lying to you, whilst trusting yourself enough to know that you’ll show up and meet the parts of you that are scared and usher them over the threshold and through the process of choosing to believe and trusting more each day.

The second reason that people don’t say yes is because they don’t feel like they’re being spoken to directly…. So let me be clear; this is for you if you are a quirky, magical, unconventional, eccentric, idealist with big dreams who finds themselves in possession of a gift or purpose that feels too huge to ignore or carry alone.

Its for you if the love you have for your family, friends, planet, people, and self is greater than your fear of hard work or embarrassment and you’re willing to BE THE CHANGE you want to see in the world, IF you don’t have to shoulder it alone.

You might be a solopreneur, an entrepreneur, a micro business owner, a freelancer, a consultant, a specialist or a pioneering parent. You might a full-on ‘talking in tongues’ and light language Mystic, or you might be just a tiny bit Yoda. But you are BIG hearted, super passionate about creativity and compassion and want to leave the world a better place than you found it.

You are done being a martyr and are ready to receive all the money and the love for being you and sharing yourself with the world.

You’re ready to step full time through the wardrobe doors, leave the muggle world behind and come live in Narnia. (knowing full well that you can come back anytime and be an undercover lightworker, energy healer or gridworker when it is required or desired.)

And the third reason people don’t say YES is that I haven’t done a good enough job of painting a picture of the FREEDOM and BELONGING that awaits you on the other side of your YES!

So, I’m going to break it down for you...

Why should you say yes?

Because if you have read this far, you know that you want to, but your negative mind has kicked in and is doing its job by challenging you to see all the risks and threats. Most people believe this brain when it tells them NO.. but you are not most people, and you know that you have more than one mind. You also have a positive and neutral mind, and when you now consciously usher this opportunity through them, you will see all angles and know what is right for you.

If you have questions whatsapp me HERE or book in for a call with me HERE.

How is THE CHAMBER going to change your life?

By giving you access to a range of perspectives, and allowing you to be supported by people you respect and trust in a way that you have never been supported before, so that you are operating from a flow state and a place of creativity and expansion more often. Which lets be honest is the biggest deal of all, because from this place you are MAGIC!

Remind me whats included?

Carefully curated layers of support from 1:1 time with a dedicated coach, hotseat calls with your ‘board members,’ and access to The Misfit For Life Fundamentals.  

AND depending on how quickly you say yes, you might get to snap up our bonuses, including a 4 day retreat in Spain in 2021!!

Why do these things matter? Why now?

This isn’t simply a “do I do the mastermind or not”. It's so, so much bigger than that. This decision determines whether you free yourself for good or not. 2020 opened the portal to the new paradigm and the rest of your life… Do you want to do this from a place of waiting for someone to save you, or are you ready to step to step fully into self authority?


Frequently Asked Questions

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