5 Weeks To Discover The Misfit To Maven Way

Starts 23rd February


Gift yourself the foundations on which to build a thriving & flourishing future.

Has overwhelming resistance and the pulling of “shoulds and musts” got you feeling less than love for your business?

Fiercely seeking to be seen through the eyes of acceptance over approval? Eager to be, do and have it all your way?

WAKE UP and be coached by us and our team to swiftly identify your specific limiting beliefs and shift your mindset into one of abundance, opportunity and ease.

Through a mixture of online course style teachings and live coaching, you’ll discover the 8 lies and 8 truths that will bust through overwhelm and inspire breakthrough potential and play to leave you LOVING your business and your life!

Wake Me Up!!

Be guided to create genuine expression within yourself so that you can be more you, make more money and have more FUN in your business.

4 weeks of pioneering strategy, mindset, emotion and energy guidance to show you exactly how to do life and business the Misfit To Maven Way. On completion, you’ll have the opportunity to graduate into M2M365 and rapidly ignite your next level version of misfit success.

Or if you’re a pave your own way kinda badass, simply take your new understanding of The Value Filter™ System' & 'The Misfit to Maven Way' and allow it to be the wind beneath your wings!

You’ll start with an orientation call, where the container will be cast and your intentions will be set.

You'll then receive 4 live coaching sessions; inspiring you to find and move beyond your comfortable edge of resistance and share your learnings & growth in a fun and empowering way.

But what RESULTS can I expect?

By the end of your time in WAKE UP, you will KNOW: 

  • YOURSELF. What you need and what you do not need
  • YOUR VALUES. How to make the right decision in any situation
  • YOUR LIMITING BELIEFS. How to reframe them and overcome them.
  • YOUR BEST NEXT STEP. How to see progression in every facet of life, love and business
  • YOUR PRIORITIES. Where to focus your time and how to cut distractions
  • YOUR PATTERNS. Recognise what your unhelpful patterns are and how to solve them every time
I'm ready to WAKE UP!

Ebonie Allard

Is our Creator / Founder and Head Honcho. She'll be with you every step of the way and will close out your experience in call 4.

Jonathan Beal

Is our COO and Head Implementor. He'll open the container and create the safety and structure for you in your welcome call.

Lizzy Fone

Is on the board at Misfit HQ. She is Head of Coaching.

She brings together shamanic heart- centred healing, magic and financial wizardry and helps our community find simplicity in chaos. She will host call 1 this round.

Gail Bainbridge

Is on the board at Misfit HQ. She is our FD. (Financial/Freedom Director!)

She helps our community find freedom by working through their money stuff & recognising and communicating their needs in an empowered way.  She'll host call 2 this round.

Gerlinde Halmer

Is one of our Misfit For Life Certified Coaches. She is a graphic designer, and yoga teacher who specialises in working with wellness brands.

She helps our community find creative solutions though body, mind and soul practices so that they get to embody their vision. She'll host call 3 this round.

Together, we will lead you through the 4 steps to embracing your misfit powers and creating the capacity within to receive your dream life.

Week One


You'll learn some home truths about who you are, what's working and what is not working, so you can allow the change you desire.

Week Two


You'll learn how to make your Values your filter & your compass plus how to continually refine and reconnect to your vision (even if you're not good at imagining.)

Week Three


You'll learn how to recognise and adjust your levels of tolerance and availability. We'll also look at Acceptance, Resignation, and Letting Go.

Week Four


You'll learn what not to do going forward and how to stabilise and implement in a way that truly allows you to work less and play more, in all areas of your life!

Show Me My Misfit Powers!

This is for you if...

  • You run your own business or are a creative freelancer or contractor, or are in a job where you are promoting change.
  • You want to make a positive change in the world with your work, but are feeling bored, tired and a bit burnt out.
  • You've lost the juice, drive and inspiration you used to have about your business and want it all to feel easy and fun again!
  • You have a job as an expert or consultant for a company but are looking to expand your passive income streams with an online course or training.
  • You feel like you can either have a great love life, OR a great work-life but not both.

This is NOT for you if...

  • You're expecting 1:1 coaching.
  • You want someone to give you a cookie-cutter, one size fits all formula.
  • You have a business idea, and you don't plan on taking any action.
  • You have a job and are happy in it as is.
  • You feel fantastic about how much money and freedom your current business gives you and aren't looking for more.
  • You won't implement anything you learn.
  • You're actually looking for career coaching or a relationship coach.

Britt East - Author, Digital Marketer, WAKE UP! Graduate

My name is Britt East, and I work in digital marketing. I'm a longtime client of Jonathan's, but had never met anyone on the Misfit for Life team. This program just seemed like a great way to check it out and see what he was raving about, without committing to a long, expensive program. I was blown away by the level of commitment and vulnerability of the other participants! It was an intimate group, and we got the chance to delve deep on each call, and really get to know one another. And the coaches were absolutely superb: so kind, radiant, and knowledgeable.
Over the course of the five week program, the loving kindness I experienced helped me shed more of my fears. The bravery of the other participants inspired me to summon the courage I needed to go deeper into my creative life, and continue to build my brand as an author and speaker. I feel so much more confident and embrace more of my weird, wild self than ever before! I just couldn't be happier with my experience! In fact I loved it so much, at the end of the course I immediately signed up for their year-long program!
If you're thinking of joining Wake Up, rest assured that you will be in the hands of loving, caring experts who will take such good care of you, while prodding you along on your personal growth journey. So jump in and take the leap of faith! It will be so worth it!

Starting 23rd February

Gift yourself the foundations on which to build a thriving & flourishing future.




You can't change what you can't see, this 5-week course will have you WAKE UP so that you can catch, shift, and align to a reality where you get to work less & play more!

  • Orientation call with Jonathan
  • 4 weekly trainings live with Ebonie & the incredible M2M Coaches (plus replays)
  • Learn the life-changing 'Value Filter'™ Process
  • Learn exactly what to focus on and what is a distraction.
  • Get clear on the self-sabotage & blocks that are keeping you stuck
  • Learn how to course correct and find your way back to your flow state in less than 5 mins!
Wake Me Up!

Let us teach you everything we know about mindset, perspective-shifting, and embodiment that you NEED to know when creating your vision so that you can remove the blocks and obstacles that keep your dreams in escrow rather than reality.


Get access for only £147 - for a limited time

This is a special limited-time offer. We do not know when we'll offer this course again. This is a crazy price for the value and content we'll be sharing with you. A 90 min 1:1 session with Ebonie or Jonathan is £888. This course will change your life!

Are you in?

I'M IN!!