What is the Value Filter™ System?

Why do I want a Value Filter™ and how do I find mine?

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Your Value Filter reveals your true purpose in life.


It gives you clarity and a deep understanding of what really drives you enabling you to make the right decisions quickly, and with ease.

I created the Value Filter and The Value Filter System in 2014 after I qualified as personal performance coach with The Coaching Academy and started using the NLP based value elicitation process I was taught by them mixed with my own intuitive process for reverse engineering what truly drives us.

Based on experiences that trigger your feelings of happiness, contentment, pride, satisfaction and fulfilment - The Value Filter allows you to ensure that you are always creating a life full of these feelings.

Over the last 5 years I have helped over 500 'Misfits' find their Value Filter. The Value Filter system is an iterative, living process, and whilst it is the simplest and yet most profound tool in my arsenal, I continue to hone and tweak it, making it ever easier to simplify your life, eliminate guilt, and be bolder, freer and happier NOW.

Your Value Filter acts a lens through which to view the world, make decisions and stay true to your essence.

It helps you access the energy and vitality of your Soul, act from your signature frequency and stay connected to your source when navigating through this human experience.

You can use it to stay wild, stay true and ALWAYS be you!

what are values?

Values are the things that you believe are fundamentally important in the way you live and work. They are the measures that we use to determine if our life is 'successful' or not.

They are linked intrinsically with our beliefs and together form the foundation upon which your Self / identity or persona is built.

Our values shape how we see the world and act as an internal compass that guide us through life.

They shape how we interact with others. They determine our priorities and they shape the choices we make. They are the measures by which we judge ourselves and others.

Essentially we all have a set of personal 'rules' that dictate how we interact with and judge other people. Our 'rules' also dictate how we view ourselves and how we see the world. We each have 'pet peeves' and our own perceived concept of how things 'should' be.

When are living in line with our values we feel congruent, aligned, peaceful and purposeful. When our actions and behaviour is not aligned with our values, we feel conflicted, resentful and remorseful.

While values have an intangible quality to them, the 'rules' by which they get satisfied or violated are often very tangible!

The 'rules' are our beliefs about what has to happen for the Value to be met.

If you want ‘freedom of choice’ does that mean that you want one option, five, or more in order for you to feel that you have freedom of choice?

“Rules are your beliefs about what has to happen in order for you to feel good (or bad) about an experience” Tony Robbins
The 'rules' are not about ‘reality’, they are about our experience of reality - and everyone’s experience is different.

This is why you cannot assume you know what will satisfy someone else’s values. You may think that your partner running a bath for you is romantic, someone else may be expecting a meal at an exclusive restaurant.

You can identify your own 'rules' (or someone else’s) by asking:

  • What has to happen for you to experience/feel [value word]?
  • How do you know when [value word] is satisfied?
  • How would you decide if X were [value word]?

The 'rules' are not necessarily logical, they are emotional!

Therefore they are not to be argued with. Rather than attempt to change them by rational persuasion it more productive to influence a person’s 'rules' by changing what they mean.

This is called Reframing.

This is what we do on the Misfit to Maven Journey, we change the 'rules' so that you can feel more successful NOW.

Beliefs are what hold up our Values or control the 'rules'.

Beliefs are a feeling of certainty about what something means.

Beliefs create the maps that guide us toward our goals and give us the power to take action.

Ultimately there are two types of belief; one that empowers us to be in motion and one that limits us and keeps us stagnating & stuck.

Rules / beliefs can either disempower or empower us.

Here’s how:


  • Impossible to achieve
  • Complex
  • Dependent on many things
  • Outside our control
  • Place/time/people dependent

e.g. I’ll feel proud of myself:

When I’ve lost two dress sizes, have flawless skin, and am in a relationship with the person of my dreams, and we never fight, and….


  • Achievable
  • Simple
  • Independent of other rules
  • Within our power/remit
  • Can happen anywhere, anytime, with anyone

e.g. I’ll feel proud of myself:

Whenever I achieve a daily goal OR I get positive feedback OR I learn something new OR ...

The challenge is that most of our beliefs are subconscious.

Many of them are running without our awareness. They are providing a map for our future based on generalisations about our past. Based on our interpretations of how painful or pleasurable an experience was. This means that often we are unconscious about what we believe and in turn how those beliefs are affecting our day to day behaviour and actions.

Getting clear on your core Values, and the beliefs you currently have upholding them gives you freedom of choice. It gives you a clear way forward in all situations.

Your Value Filter™ is the key to living a purposeful life on purpose!

(No more worrying that you made the wrong choice or missing out because you didn't act fast enough.)

Get your own unique Value Filter™ today!

Only £57 for lifetime access - you'll receive notifications whenever I make an update or addition to the bundle.

What people have said about the Value Filter™

Stella Stathi

Thank YOU for everything!!! I'm feeling so amazing after yesterday, and I really believe the value filter has a magic effect on my whole life... Yesterday night my partner and I had one of the most honest and open conversations we have had in years..!!! 

Lou Spackman

The Value Filter™ has transformed the quality of my life. I like it full on. 6 children. Full time job and three fresh business start ups in this last year but I was so busy doing that I was caught up in a cycle. My well-being had taken a real kicking and I was starting to feel resentful. Out of balance and overwhelmed. The creation of my Value Filter™ made me stop still, reflect and truly acknowledge what was really going on.

Jenny Weigle

Getting my value filter was so powerful for me! It was like I was looking at a blurry photo for so long, and in that session you helped the photo come into focus. I instantly felt better and inspired by the call and by my filter. You hear a lot about figuring out the WHY of your business, but even if you think you know the why, you don't yet...not till you've worked with Ebonie.

Dan Crompton

I loved getting my Value Filter™ Its very real, feels like a good reflection of my values, and is a useful tool to hold up against important decisions... As well as thinking about ways to get the 'boring' stuff, or less 'core' stuff, more aligned to my own values by dialling up certain aspects of them that will make them fit more into my triangle.

Clara Angelina Diaz

I did the Value Filter™ with Ebonie and I was surprised at how deep we went. Most importantly I look at everything now and have been making decisions based on it. I can see so much more clearly now, when I am aligned with my true values, especially when they are tested by the universe, my resistance is so clear and I know exactly what I need to shift to make sure I am being and standing in the center for my values; Supported, Peace and Freedom. What I am experiencing is a very deep, deepening of my true being!

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