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A six week audio adventure to uplevel your mindset and realign your frequency to full self expression and prosperity. 


'Your Thing Sure Thing' helps you simultaneously ‘get your shit together’ and ‘activate your magic’

You get to be, do and have it all...


Without pushing, striving, hustling or having a personality transplant...


It’s time to understand ‘your thing’ and activate your magic.

Equanimity is an inside job.

Often though it feels like surety can be found in the external things; your home, job, marriage or money. The truth though is that none of it matters and can all be taken away in an instant.

If 2020 has taught us anything so far its that certainty isn’t as certain as we’d like to think.

If your sense of self and identity doesn’t come from stuff and things, if its not measured by your relationship status or how many houses you own, where does it come from?

It comes from your connection to source, it comes from knowing, liking and trusting yourself. It comes from knowing your thing is a sure thing!

This program is audio only so you can listen anywhere. I’m redoing all the trainings especially for 2020. The content has been condensed so that what I used to share over 12 weeks can be learnt in only 6!

These channelled messages are filled with a plethora of treasure and are the result of 22 years worth of experience, training, studying, coaching, therapy, and retreats. Across the fields of metaphysics, spiritual connection, business acumen, emotional intelligence, mindset mastery and down right vibrational magic.

They are for you if:

  • You don’t have the savings, investments, or traditional assets you desire
  • You feel a constant low grade anxiety that you’ve learned to live with
  • You often find yourself feeling like you need to defend or justify your choices
  • You suffer from IBS, digestive issues or Thyroid malfunctions.
  • You often find yourself fighting or embroiled in drama with your partner, kids or family
  • You find it hard to settle and are often moving jobs, or house or recreating your business or offer over and over again
  • Or you find yourself feeling misunderstood

'Your Thing Sure Thing' gives you lifetime access to this life changing series of recordings and journal prompts that will enable you to alter your perspective and upgrade your consciousness to a level where more is available for you.


There is more to see, hear, believe and action.


You’ll discover that you can instantly realign to your signature vibration and reset to your unique frequency in such a way that abundance and prosperity are magnetised to you.

Imagine for a moment a life where you:

  • Feel confident with your money choices
  • Feel healthy and happy
  • Feel confident and calm
  • Feel inspired and motivated

When you know who you are, when you’re proud of who that is, when you’re able to define what makes you happy, proud, satisfied and fulfilled you can stop being scattered and panicky and start being courageously creative.

If you're a Misfit or a Creative and you're looking to create and build a business and a life as extraordinary as you are, that feels as good on the inside as it perhaps looks on the outside, and you feel like you've made some progress but you're ready for the next level.....

You’re going to need to take responsibility for your reality.

In order to go from panicky, stuck and overwhelmed to calm, clear and in-flow there are specific steps that you get to take.

You can spend the next five years figuring it all out, OR you can follow the pathway that I have laid out for you.

If you've done some personal growth work before, and you're ready to take responsibility for your reality, then YOUR THING SURE THING will help you find your way.

Your Thing Sure Thing’ will help you to Adult the F up, get your shit together, feel clear, confident and be the person you dream of being.

Doing this work will have a huge impact on your business and on your personal life because finally, once and for all you'll know what YOUR THING is.

You’ll understand why people pick you.

You’ll activate your magic and know that you’re always enough and never too much.

In just over 40 days you’ll have such clarity that you’ll finally be able to fully focus on making your creativity, your wellbeing and your personal relationships your priority, without losing faith, momentum or feeling like an imposter.

Where you now see your true self as dangerous and messy, I see infinite possibilities and limitless love. (and so will you.)

By doing this work your current reality will transform from a prison to a playground.

By listening to these 12 audio training and doing the journaling work included with each one, you’ll:

  • Have deeper more fulfilling relationships (think orgasmic sex and deeply profound intimacy.)
  • Be a magnet for the life you desire, instead of having to chase it
  • Be able to parent with coherence instead of anxiety
  • Let your parents deal with their own stuff, instead of thinking its your responsibility
  • Choose to live responsibly AND have fun (you can have both!)
  • Confidently forge your own path rather than waiting to be rescued or validated
  • Know that your creativity is magic and the path to infinite possibilities rather than messy, uncontrolled or dangerous
  • Own your gifts and monetise them, without selling out or compromising your values
  • Claim your talents rather than playing them down, or diminishing their value
Get Started Today

Its time to adult the f*ck up!


It’s time to activate your magic.


Its time for:

More intimacy

More money

More creativity

More adventure

More peace of mind

More calm

What previous participants want you to know:

Janet Hill

The Hills

I have been running my own business for a couple of years and although it was all going ‘well’ and growing very slowly, I knew I was playing at it and it didn’t feel good.

I wasn’t working to my full potential at all and the results were very much in line with the effort I was putting in. For both financial reasons and my own self worth, I needed to seriously up my game and commit to taking my business to the next level.

I firstly needed more clarity on what I needed to do, the concrete actions to take in my business that would make the difference. More importantly I had lost confidence in myself and my abilities, and the more time passed since I launched my business, the worse I was feeling about my goals and skills.

Was I ever going to make any serious money? When I read about YOUR THING, SURE THING I thought it had been written it just for me, it spoke to me so clearly! (Knowing my purpose, staying on track, mind-monkeys, my beliefs, my intentions, habits, resistance, priorities etc.)

Before YOUR THING SURE THING I was operating my business, social life, home, health in a lazy foggy place, wanting more in all areas but just cruising, nothing really wrong with my life but not thriving and inspired. The difference that I felt during the course was remarkable, aha moments in nearly every session. I was reticent also to share what was going on with me, but that changed too and I was motivated to invest in myself further and continue the growth.

Now, I am more motivated to share what’s going on for me. Much more aware of resistance patterns that I fall easily in to, I can’t always stop them but I am able to refer back to the trainings for guidance. I am able to shift my mindset, and think myself into feeling what it will be like to be me in my business in five years time!!

I absolutely recommend it, to everyone! No matter where you are in your life, or what is going on for you. These weekly hours give you time out for yourself, to focus on where you are up to, what you want, the changes you need to make to get there. The questions, and prompt are valuable even when you feel life is ticking along nicely.

Ebonie's clarity of expression and explanations of each topic. Her anecdotes, voice, tones etc make for very easy listening. The fact that it is an audio course, suited me down to the ground. Audio takes away all stress of being on camera/sharing in front of others, you can truly relax and tune in to what Ebonie is saying. It feels like a one to one.

"I love that I can listen when it suits me and I can go over the content again and again. Some topics I have listened to a couple of times more already, hearing something new each time or confirming my understanding etc It is one of the most valuable courses of this type that I have done. "

Gerlinde Halmer

Sparkle With Lindy

I signed up for YTST because I knew I needed some help and support to work though stuff and to figure my sh*t out.

I felt very low as we started. The situation with my manager at work had affected me more than I expected and I wanted to learn how to deal with it. I wanted to learn how to figure out what I really want, where I want to go and how.

And now? Well, I'm working for myself now!

I have learned lots of tools I can use anytime and I know I will work through my low feelings much faster and in a much better way than in the past.

I'm falling in love with my messy "bits" at the moment! It's fun!

I'm really enjoying my morning rituals again. They really help me taking care of myself.

I'm clear about my boundaries. I let go of perfectionism. I trust myself and others.

"I used to overthink everything. Now I have much better communication with myself. My head used to take over most of the time and my heart and gut didn't have an equal say. Now I feel more balanced and it feeds into all aspects of my life. YOUR THING SURE THING is an amazing journey! Go and do it!"

How does it work? What do you get?

Starting 23rd April 2020 you’ll get access to 2 x audio trainings a week which you can attend live or access the replay. You’ll be given access to the audios for life and the journaling prompts that go with them.

I am redoing these trainings for 2020 with extra insight into this unprecedented time. You’ll learn how to pivot your unique circumstances and discover what gets to come next for you.

Over six weeks each training builds on the next and through the journaling work, challenges and tasks you'll find your internal reality shifting and then in turn your external.

You get to keep the recordings for life so you can listen again and again, in your own time or whenever you need a mindset or energy boost or reset.

Start Your Transformation Today!

What are the trainings??

The trainings are channelled by me, you’ll hear me talking directly to you about a specific topic. Each one is between 30-60 minutes and are layered with explanations, insights and wisdom that will assist you in transmuting and alchemising the magic already held within you.

The titles of these trainings are:

1. Deepening your Purpose, staying on track.

2. Managing the Mind Monkeys.

3. Transformation, Metamorphosis and Identity Hacking.

4. Empowerment and Confidence.

5. Right Ratios.

6. Valour in Visibility.

7. Determination, Discipline and Drive.

8. Money v’s Creativity.

9. Mindset v’s Strategy.

10. From Struggle to Invitation.

11. Critical Conversations.

12. Your thing, sure thing.

Start Your Transformation Today!