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Where Misfits Become Maven.


A Misfit: is a person who doesn’t naturally conform or fit in. They sometimes feels like they don’t belong. Are often seen as troublemakers, or round pegs in square holes. They're the ones who see things differently, aren’t fond of the rules, and find it difficult to respect the status quo. 

A Maven: The word maven comes from Hebrew, meaning "one who understands", based on an accumulation of knowledge. Being Maven is being an expert by experience, and being able to embody two mutually exclusive truths in the palm of one hand while not just surviving but thriving.

Wake up.. Kick Ass… Be Kind… Repeat

We are Maven: Misfit for Life.

We help Misfits like you who have forgotten how awesome they really are, to overcome the guilt, shame and overwhelm that keeps you stuck, so that you can create businesses and lives that are extraordinary as you are.

We help Misfits become Maven, and live in a way that genuinely feels as good on the inside as it perhaps looks on the outside.

This is important to us because we are you and we know that when you take ownership of your experience, magic happens!

From our monthly masterclasses to our 365 day community experience, everything we offer has your transformation in mind.

Ready to transform your life from one of expectation and disconnect to one of freedom and belonging? 

Ready to take ownership of your human experience?

Ready for Value Filtered Living?

M2M: 365


Together we will pioneer the way as you breakthrough to a world of your own design; one where you belong, are seen, and are equipped to create endless wealth from the power of your gifts.

Begin Your Breakthrough

Your Thing Sure Thing


Up-level your mindset and realign your frequency to full self expression and prosperity.

Start your Adventure

Embodied Wisdom


Unlock the wisdom of your incredible & unique body. Live round starts 24th Sept 2020.

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Wake Up


Allow the veil to be lifted. Taste the magic on offer. Meet the family.

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